How to Shrink the Belly Fat Fast……Without Needles, Surgery or Body Garments

fbbatummy13I made a decision to keep in touch with you with you at least once a week, mainly because I know you’re busy and I hate getting bombarded by e-mails every other day myself, and guess what, I’m super busy too.  I bombed because Saturday came and I didn’t send you a thing. Why?

I can multi-task when I have to, and it’s not pretty when I do, but I decided to focus on one thing and that was a launch party for “It Works” body wrap.  I wanted the best launch party ever and needed to focus to get that accomplished, and I did!

I know you’ve heard of body wraps, but this one is super quick, easy and safe.

As a health coach and natural health advocate, I know the importance of eating right to lose weight and getting healthy, the internal fat is taken care of, so we can have a healthy heart and that’s good, but sometimes we need a little help when it comes to external belly fat or any other place where fat likes to hang out. Ladies, you know, that baby flab that  appears after the birth of your cute bundle of joy that never budges, even after 16 years, then menopause creeps up and wham! another layer.  Or you lose weight and there’s that mushy soft overhang where the fat cells have shrunk. Isn’t that just so annoying!  So when I was introduced to this body wrap I was floored at how the fat and flab could decrease in as little as 45 minutes. My mission is to let everyone know, guys too, that there is a way to lose that extra flab and tighten, tone and firm without surgery, needles or suffocating body garments.

I had my party and it was a success! at the end, surprisingly, husbands were scrambling to buy the wraps (for their wives of course) and I  ran out of wraps fast.  I thought, WOW!  It’s really important for us, including men, to look our best, and this belly fat thing really bothers a lot of people.  Call it vanity, but hey, we want to look our best!  In truth, the belly  fat means toxins and that’s what the wrap does – gets rid of the toxins which accumulate in the fat right under the skin.

Here’s how it went. Who ever wants a wrap gets wrapped as soon as they arrive and then they sit down relax, chit chat, munch on something light and healthy, drink plenty of water (helps to flush the toxins), enjoy the presentation, and asks questions. After 45 minutes or so they get unwrapped and get ecstatic about the change. They want to take wraps home. The wraps feel and smell good too, infused with a herbal cream.  I’m all about herbs and aromatherapy.

Here’s my little display table – I put two tv trays together.(Cute)



My overwhelm came when I found hundreds of dollars of cash in my hand. I’ve done parties before, but never with cash being left in my hand.

Everyone had such a great time.  I’m having another party this Saturday and some ladies want to host a party for their co-workers!

Here’s some before and after pictures.

After 1 wrap.


After 1 wrap ( You can wrap your neck, face, arms, legs and butt)

(Sorry my phone kept on zooming in and out here)


I can see a future 6-pack happening here (after 1 wrap)


After 4 wraps



After 1 wrap  (Definitely post baby belly)


 I’ll be posting more pics on my Facebook fan page as time goes by, so be sure to check them out. If you or anyone you know struggles with fat over hang, would like to get toned, tight and firm, or would like to create an additional income stream, contact me  or go to for more information.  Let me know what you think.


Blessings, Kathleen

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  1. says

    Nice post!. I agree with your words Kathleen. We must need to take care of what we eat specially when it comes to external belly fat or any other place where fat likes to hang out. Thanks for the tips.

    • Kathleen says

      Thanks Ashley. I’ve been obsessed with belly fat since a teenager because I never wanted to wear those corsets my mother and aunts used to wear. Today we have so many more options, but surgery and needles are the scariest for me.

  2. Dennis Kyle says

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    • says

      Thanks for your comment Dennis. At this time I am not looking at any new nutritional products from Network Marketing Companies.

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